Operation: Sugarplum // Christmas Australis

Christmas Australis: a Frighteningly Festive Anthology of Spine-Jingling Tales is an anthology features 8 stories drawing on the fact that Australia is hot and steamy on December 25. Featuring sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, noir and contemporary, there’s something for everyone! It was produced by the #6amAusWriters group on Twitter.

Operation: Sugarplum by Emily Wrayburn is a modern-day retelling of The Nutcracker. Clara gets more than she bargained for when she plays a new virtual reality system with boy-genius developer Max Drosselmeier.

Next thing she knows, VR characters are coming after her in real life, and the only way to stop them is to play the game through to the end…

Such a wonderfully wide variety and so imaginative!” — Rebecca Bowyer

“The distinctly Australian flavour of the stories adds a unique quality to the anthology that sets it apart from other Christmas collections.” — Mr Book Squirrel

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