Drosselmeier Industries Series

Welcome to Drosselmeier Industries, home of the ultra-immersive virtual reality platform, Veritas. Fight monsters and rescue the princess, all from the comfort of your own games room.

Just be careful the villains aren’t sneaking up behind you when you’re not playing…

Individual novellas in this series are available as ebooks. At the series completion, a combined paperback edition will be available.

#1 – Operation: Sugarplum

Clara Steele is thrilled when game developer Max Drosselmeier invites her to test out his new virtual reality system and the game Operation: Sugarplum. But Max didn’t warn her about his tendency to accidentally pull characters out of his games and into the real world.

Instead of finishing her Christmas shopping, Clara finds herself attacked by a pixelated seven-headed Rat King intent on taking her back to his castle.

If Clara and Max can’t lure the Rat King back into the game and defeat him on his own turf, they might end up as rat food rather than making it to Christmas dinner.

What they’re saying on Goodreads:

Wrayburn has imbued the well known fairytale with a fabulous new context and the world slides effortlessly through your mind.” – Veronica Strachan

“What a fabulously enjoyable novella.” – Laurie Bell

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#2 – Enchanted Sleep

When a malfunction in the Veritas system causes Clara to become trapped inside a game based on Sleeping Beauty, the game becomes trapped in an endless loop and she can’t escape.

It’s up to Max Drosselmeier to find a way to reset the game or Clara risks being stuck inside forever…

Enchanted Sleep will be available March 05, 2022! Pre-order now from Amazon!

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