2021: the Year of COMPLETE

A grid of jigsaw puzzle pieces with a black border. In the centre, one piece is not attached to the puzzle, but instead is sitting slightly off centre. There is black in the empty space. Above this is in the word Complete in upper case white text on a black background. Below the out-of-place puzzle piece is "Twenty twenty-one" but all one word, also in white on a black background.

In 2020, a few writer friends and I all chose a word to be our theme for 2020. I’ve decided to do that again this year. I have so many unfinished projects I want to return to, so it makes sense that my 2021 theme word would be Complete.

With that in mind, here are my goals for the coming year. I’ve used the same categories I used last year; I found them to be quite a helpful breakdown.

A shot of a desk with a notebook, phone and laptop. The laptop is open and there are hands resting on it, but we cannot see the rest of the person.


  • Complete Facing the Music draft 2

I’ve been thinking about this WIP a lot lately, and I think I finally have a way forward with it. My problem has been that I have been cramming too much into it, and I never really knew what I wanted it to be.

So I’m paring it right back. I’m going to revisit the Snowflake Method of outlining, and see if that helps me figure things out.

  • Draft two Drosselmeier Industries sequels

I have two in-progress drafts, but I think I’m going to nearly scrap them both and start fresh. I’m really hoping to complete the series this year.

  • Complete two other projects from the incomplete WIPs list

This is a long list, I can tell you that! Some are short stories, some are probably closer to novella length. Some are only outlined, some I’ve started the first draft, and some others are probably nearly finished. So I’ll revisit that and see what strikes my fancy.

A woman sitting at a desk, looking at a large-screen computer.


  • Publish Drosselmeier Industries sequels ebooks
  • Publish Drosselmeier Industries combined paperback
    • cover design
    • formatting
    • social media graphics
    • marketing

Given the length of the DI stories, it made no sense to publish separate tiny paperbacks, but I do want to put out a combined edition in hard copy for those who prefer that to ebooks.

  • Add back matter to already-available ebooks
  • Re-launch A More Copmlicated Fairytale
    • new cover design
    • formatting
    • social media graphics
    • marketing
A light bulb in the centre of a blackboard. In chalk, six lines lead off from the light bulb. At the end of each line is a circle, like the light bulb is sparking new ideas.


  • Read four books on self-publishing and other indie author business, e.g. Dave Gaughran.
  • Continue doing Bryan Cohen’s free Amazon ads courses (one is starting this month!)
  • Complete IngramSpark’s self-publishing courses that I didn’t get to this year.


  • Set aside regular time (monthly? fortnightly? Still TBC) to work on Amazon ads.
  • Post at least two writing-related photos on Instagram each month.
  • Re-work newsletter on-boarding sequence and keep up with monthly newsletters.
  • Research book swaps, giveaways, etc, to engage more readers.


  • Learn to tap dance!

I’ve been saying for years I’d like to learn! I’ve found a studio. I’ve got shoes on order. This time, it’s happening!

As expected, this is a pretty ambitious list. I didn’t reach all my goals last year and that’s fine. I may not (probably won’t) reach them this year. But it’s always good to have something to aim for.

Let me know what your 2021 goals are, either in the comments or in a link to your own post. Best of luck this year, whatever you are aiming for!

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