Snippet Saturday – July 25, 2020

I’m scheduling this post because I’m running around a bit today – my birthday party is this afternoon! My birthday is actually tomorrow but I have a rehearsal for the musical I’m in… which will probably mean extra cake and stuff, and honestly, I love rehearsing… but also means there’s no opportunity to get together with a group of good people. Hence today.

I’m fortunate in that I’m able to get together with good people, and I am very grateful for that fact.

GIF description: Audrey Hepburn accepting an Academy Award. She is wearing a sleeveless floral, white dress. She says “I’m truly, truly grateful and terribly happy.”

But anyway, enough about that. Here is a snippet from my current untitled WIP. The dragon, Nanorae, has just unceremoniously dumped Gwen, the witch, onto her back so they can fly to where they need to be. Gwen is less than pleased.

“Rae, what are you doing?” Gwen shouted against the wind, struggling to find purchase for her feet anywhere along Rae’s scaly back. She eventually sat each foot in the space where Rae’s arms met her torso. She clamped her eyes shut. No way was she going to watch the village rapidly disappear below her. The air became colder and she shivered, trying not to let the involuntary movement loosen her grip on Nanorae’s neck. How high up were they that the temperature had changed that much? She didn’t dare open her eyes to check.

Rest assured that they do manage to reach their destination unscathed, but Gwen has to spend a few minutes getting the feeling back into her arms and legs, which were gripping Rae so tightly they all went numb.

I was hoping that I would have a first draft of this story knocked out by the end of this week, but that hasn’t happened for various reasons. I’m hoping another week at most, as my timeline’s pretty tight by the time I factor in beta readers and the like. Entries close August 31. This week is pretty quiet, so fingers crossed, but I can only do my best.

Talk again soon.

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