2020 Writing Goals – April Check-in

the start of this year, some writer friends and I chose a word as the theme for the coming 12 months. Mine was LEARN.

Now the start of the year feels like a million years ago, but actually, I’ve been ticking things off on this list more so than I thought. That’s why check-in posts are good. I’m only listing the goals I’ve made progress on here, but you can read my full list of goals here.


  • Submit stories to four anthologies or short story competitions – 2/4

I submitted to Cantina Publishing‘s upcoming anthology Silk & Steel: An Adventure Anthology of Queer Ladies. This short story took over a month to get down on paper in a way I way happy with. If you were following my Weekend Writing Warriors posts in January and February, you would have read a few excerpts featuring my dragon hunters, Helena and Tori. The rebels Jules and Ada got edited out in the third draft, but I’ve filed the whole rebel story line away for a bigger WIP one day.

I didn’t get accepted for this one, but they received over 500 submissions, so I suspect I am probably in good company!

I also submitted my short story The Old Boy to The Big Issue Fiction Edition 2020. This went through 5 drafts when I submitted it for the Australian Fairy Tale Society’s anthology, South of the Sun, last year but I still found additions and edits to make before this new submission. A writer’s work is never done.


  • Listen to two episodes of a writing or publishing podcast each week.

This started out well but has fallen off in the last few months. Maybe I should put a few on while I’m working from home, get back into that way.

  • Complete Ingram Spark’s self-publishing short courses 1/3

So far I’ve completed the How to Self-Publish course. It’s very 101 and there wasn’t a lot in there that I didn’t already know, having been researching on and off for a while now as well as hanging out with a lot of indie authors. But it’s good to have that foundation, I suppose.

  • Complete at least one other short course on self-publishing/book design (e.g. through LinkedIn Learning)

I was booked in to do Ellie Marney’s self-publishing boot camp in Melbourne on the first weekend of April, but of course, that has been postponed. I’m not sure whether the intention is for it to be run online or in person but it has been moved to October, so I guess we’ll have to see what the situation is then.

This week I am doing Bryan Cohen’s five-day course on Amazon advertising. We’ve done “session 0”, i.e. prep work, so far and I feel like I’ve already learned a lot! I think this one’s going to be very useful.


(myself and my books)

  • Start mailing list
  • Set up author website

Well, here you are on emilywrayburn.com. One thing about everything being shut down is that I have a budget for things like domain registration, because I’m not spending it on theatre tickets. And the first issue of my newsletter went out on March 19, with the second one coming soon. So I guess I can tick off these two goals!


  • Give A More Complicated Fairytale some love. 

I’m actually thinking of doing a big relaunch for this book. It deserves it.

For a couple of reasons, I’ve decided I’d like a new cover and I’ve found a designer I’m going to approach.

I know that the description, keywords and categories on Amazon need a good revamp.

I also want to upload the paperback through Ingram Spark so that I can distribute it more widely, and get it printed in Australia. That requires buying ISBNs and things like that, so it’ll take some time.

So this is a project worthy of its own check-in posts, and I’m excited to take it forward.

So that’s where I am right now. Doesn’t look too bad when I see it all listed together here. I’ll check in again when I’ve got more to add.

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