Where’d you go, Emily?

So who else is ready for 2020 to be cancelled?

From starting the year covered in bushfire smoke, to massive hailstorms, to job insecurity only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is it any wonder that I’ve barely put pen to paper, or that my last post here was February 16?

Any wonder that I was spending more time playing pointless time-wasting games on my phone rather than actually writing?

But! I am in a fortunate position, compared to many others. I still have a job and will probably start working from home 3-4 days a week this week (there are parts of my job I simply can’t do remotely, but at least this way I’ll be able to afford the parking fees and won’t have to take public transport).

I have a wonderful group of friends with whom I’m voice chatting/Zooming a lot, and we’ve been checking in on each other daily. That includes my writing group, and during a voice chat session today, I made myself a spreadsheet with my outstanding WIPs and where I’m at on all of them.

I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next few months, but hopefully with extra time at home, I’ll get through it!

And hopefully soon, that will translate into a bit more of a presence on this here blog, too. Take care, everyone, and I’ll see you soonish.

Published by Emily Wrayburn

She/Her. Writer. Reader. Blogger. Hufflepuff. Theatre nerd.

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