#WIPpet Wednesday and February #ROW80 Wrap-Up – February 27, 2019

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WIPpet first this week, since I want to spend a bit of time talking about my progress in the next part of this post.

For my WIPpet this week, 9 lines of dialogue (2+7). Alexander Casyl came to the Kraken’s Arms to ask Ria to audition for the Casyl & Co. circus.

“What was that?” Anders asked as soon as Alexander left.

“A… job offer, I guess.”


“He was from the Casyl and Co. Circus.”

“The mind magic show?”


“Ria, that entire premise of that show is to give those who have no mind magic an excuse to gawk at those who do. They’ll take advantage of you.”

“Still,” I said. “The opportunity to be with other mind magicians. The people in the show won’t be the ones judging me and I don’t have to deal with the audience.”

Anders frowned. I hadn’t convinced him.

Anders may be onto something there… but then, so might Ria…

In the original version of this chapter, Anders was just angry at Ria for dumping her job with him and running away to the circus, and when she came back later, it was super awkward and Anders didn’t really want anything to do with her. In both this scene and the scene a bit later when she learns her audition was successful, he’s much more of a worried dad this time around.

February Wrap-Up

I feel like I hit my stride this month. Eventually.

I wrote over 10k, which is about what I was averaging each month last year. I am also getting better at just leaving myself notes when I get stuck and coming back to something. I tend to go through cycles of trying to write from A to Z, getting stuck, angsting over it for a bit before finally realising I can just jump ahead a bit.

My intention had been to write on weekdays and revise on weekends, but I found myself just wanting to write, even on the weekends. I wasn’t going to argue. I actually found when I got to the end of the month that it did not take me long to go through what I had written over the whole month. So it’s good to know that at my current pace, that is also an option.

I also started using Toggl to track how much time I was spending on different aspects of writing. At time of writing this post, I haven’t actually run any reports on it, but I’ve been tagging things in such a way that I should be able to get some useful stats out of it should I so desire. So many writing-specific apps are focused on word count alone, whereas this allows me to be much broader. I’m using it for blogging as well.

Out of interest, I pulled out the final draft of A More Complicated Fairytale yesterday. That entire manuscript was around the 45k mark. I always said I don’t know how to write long stories, and that 50k was probably always going to be around the length of my books. But with Facing the Music, I’m just about at 30k and… I don’t want to say the story’s just getting going, because that’s not true, there have already been conflicts. But those conflicts have only just led to Ria meeting some of the main characters and the main conflict is still to be introduced. I’m glad that I’ve learned to really develop the story. I’m not going to let myself get lost in any kind of “what would I do differently now?” rabbit hole over AMCF, but it’s all a journey.

So what’s next?

March is the last month where I’ll have a decent amount of spare time for a little while. April is going to be a mess with a choir production and a uni intensive. I’ll also have Hello, Dolly! rehearsals, and they will ramp up in May for a May 31 opening night. And depending on how the uni intensive is structured, I’ll probably be writing the assignments throughout April and May as well. So it’d be nice to get a decent amount of work done.

I’d like to think I might smash out some epic number of words this month but to be honest, it’s not that likely. If I can hit 10k again, I’ll be pretty happy. I am hoping to maybe take a few days off work, and I might do some extra word sprints then if I can.

In particular, I am worried that Alex is coming across younger than I want him to in some scenes… I’m trying to write him as shy and in his father’s shadow, but he’s coming across a bit too bashful/nervous/naive. So that’s something to revisit soon. I want him to come across more confident when his father isn’t around to make it clear where the nervousness/intimidation comes from. He does have a generally cheerful/optimistic disposition but there’s a fine line between optimism and naivety.

I’ve also thought of a better way to write out a character that I wrote out in January. So I need to make a note for that.

You might have noticed the #ROW80 tag in this post’s subject line. ROW80, or A Round of Words in 80 Days, is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. You set your own goals for each of the four 80 day rounds throughout the year and check in on Sundays and Wednesdays when and how you can (e.g. I only do this wrap-up once a month on the blog, and check in via a comment on the twice-weekly Facebook post the rest of the time). Find out more at the Facebook group or on the ROW80 blog. I’ve been doing ROW80 on and off since 2012 (wow, I hadn’t actually realised how long that was until now) and it’s a wonderful group to be a part of.

That’s it from me. How has writing been treating you? What are your goals for the coming month?

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6 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday and February #ROW80 Wrap-Up – February 27, 2019

  1. Great snippet!

    I’m also a fan of Toggl to track pretty much everything I do on my chromebook. It helped me realize how much time I was spending on social media and mindless browsing.

    I was going to say, “Wow! 10,000 words in a month is a lot.” Then I looked back at my fiction the last 4 weeks and I’m right there with you for fiction total words. It looks like you’re a lot more focused on one project though. I’m still trying to master the consistent writing things so I’m allowing myself pretty much any fiction and the results are a lot of unfinished works-in-progress. In March, I’d like to find some focus and finish some short stories. I really like your idea of leaving a note when you get stuck and just moving on to a different scene. I need to try that.


  2. Okay, I remember beta-ing AMCF… and I really liked it! =)

    (For the record, I don’t say that about everything I beta, either!)

    The snippet is interesting, and makes me want to learn more about these characters. I think you may be growing into longer stories!

    I’m going to check Toggl out; because it sounds intriguing and useful.

    Wishing you lots of good progress this month, and strength and joy in the busy months after. It’s always lovely to see you!


  3. Great job getting 10k words in! Listening to oneself, figuring out when the right time is to write and edit, is surprisingly hard. Good job finding a balance. A consistent 10k is something to celebrate!


  4. Way to go on the word count. And be careful, Ria. People often change their mental agenda, and you might not know until it’s too late, mind magician or not.


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