#WIPpet Wednesday – August 22, 2018

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Sorry I reset the linky so late last week! That’s what happens when I don’t plan to participate myself, I don’t get that jolt when I go to link up and find last week’s links still there. Also I’ve been busy and tired and scatter-brained a lot lately. But never mind, we got there in the end!

Heads-up: I have lots to ramble about in this post. Good rambling, I promise, but if you would prefer to skip straight to the WIPpet, scroll down to the Unchanging Tunes banner.

I wish I could convey to you just how excited I am feeling about my writing at the moment. Lots of things  came together to result in lots of inspiration. First of all, I went and saw an actual circus on Saturday. It’s been a while. As you can imagine, I was thinking about Unchanging Tunes a lot, and trying to make mental notes of things to include in the circus scenes. I did lean over to my partner at one point and whisper, “How did I forget fire eating?!”

It also made me realise lots of little but important things, like how much upper body strength those performers have. Then there was the look of relief on one of their faces when she was relieved of the weight of about three people on her shoulders.

I also really liked that the show had this kind of gender equality. I remember watching Cirque du Soleil ten years ago or so when there were lots of TV specials and lot of the paired stuff was a guy and a girl, whereas they had girls lifting girls, guys lifting guys, girls lifting guys, as well. So I want to emulate that.

There’ve also been other circus-y things keeping me in the mood. An author I follow, Ellie Marney, releases the first book in her new Circus Hearts series on September 1, and she’s doing a giveaway in the lead-up involving sharing circus pictures on social media. So I’ve been following that rather closely. And I even downloaded the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman, and have decided the song A Million Dreams is Alex and Ria’s themesong.

Yesterday, on the bus I started thinking about a new character who had occurred to me during the Circus Oz performance, and just because things I absorb recently tend to leak out into my writing, this character is somewhat like the Calamity Jane in the touring production of the musical we saw on Sunday. I could go on about this for ages because it was one of the best shows I’ve seen all year (which I was not expecting at all) but I won’t, but suffice to say it’s not surprising that ended up in my writing somewhere.

Also on the bus, I did a whole bunch of plotting. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out who the murderer is and why they did it, and even how they went about covering their tracks. I figured out some problems that weren’t quite plotholes but were bothersome little issues, and while I’m still somewhat pantsing, I feel like I have a direction to go in now. Before I could only see a little way ahead, but a lot more of the road is lit now.

And I’m getting lots of words down whenever I sit down. I have an app called Writeometer (which I recommend to everyone with an Android device who loves the stats you get on the NaNo website and bemoans not having them at other times, because this gives you all of them and more), and I’ve set up a project to reach 70k by December 31. At the moment, I’m smashing that goal. 😀

Whew. If you made it this far, I thank you for sticking with me. And if you skipped to this bit of the post, I don’t blame you. In today’s WIPpet, I’m sharing 22 lines for the 22nd of the month, which is a longer snippet than I usually share, but I enjoyed writing this whole scene last night and didn’t want to break it up any further. Ria has spent her first night with Alex, but is returning to her and Lucy’s caravan in the early morning light because she’s not sure she’s quite ready for everyone to know she is sleeping with the boss’s son. And here she discovers she’s not the only one spending the night in someone else’s caravan.

I turned to pull the door closed as quietly as I could, and heard a scream behind me. I knew it wasn’t Lucy and I let out a scream of my own as I spun back to face the beds, wondering who was there. There I saw May, taking up half of Lucy’s bed and scrabbling to pull up the sheets to cover her bare torso. Lucy was still asleep, one arm draped over May’s legs now that May had sat up.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, recognising the situation for what it was. “I’m sorry – I didn’t – I had no idea! Um. I’ll go again!”

My face was burning and I imagined it had turned just as red as May’s had. Lucy began to stir, and rubbed her eyes. She lurched up when she saw me, only just managing to catch the sheet in time to preserve her own modesty.

“Ria!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t think you’d be back so soon.”

“It’s just on dawn,” I said. “I didn’t want anyone to think…” I trailed off, suddenly not exactly sure what it was I didn’t want people to think. Was I ashamed?

May let out a squeak. “I should go, too,” she said. She looked at me, and I wondered if she could possibly have looked any more sheepish. “Um, Ria, would you mind…” She trailed off, but I knew what she meant. I opened the door and stepped back outside, closing it behind me. I sat down on the step, trying to look like I was simply taking in some morning air before beginning the day. I just hoped if anyone spotted me, they wouldn’t notice I was still wearing yesterday’s clothes.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Lucy and May both stepped out, fully clothed now. They weren’t quite holding hands, but their finger tips kept touching, as though they both wanted to, but kept waiting for the other person to catch hold first. I stood up to make room on the step.

“Thanks, Ria,” May said, still not able to look me in the eye. Her height meant she was looking somewhere over the top of my head. “Don’t… say anything to anyone about this just yet, will you?”

“Your secret’s safe with me,” I said, and I addressed the promise to Lucy as well. Lucy returned me a grateful look.

I’ve been writing some more with Lucy and May today and I’ve gotta say, I’m nearly as invested in them as I am in Alex and Ria. May is the new character who only came to me on the bus yesterday, but she and Lucy are going to be quite integral to the plot going forward.

Hope you’re all doing well this week. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – August 22, 2018

    1. Thank you for joining us! 🙂 The circus makes for such a great setting, doesn’t it? Even if my forever project which is currently on a break, there are a few chapters set at a carnival, and I had a great deal of fun writing those.

      There will definitely be more, I am loving this story so much at the moment! *holds it close*

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  1. As I’m working on my first romantic suspense (as opposed to traditional historical fiction), this snippet really hooked me. I know from your earlier notes that even though this snippet is more about new relationships, there will be a murder. What I liked here was even though I don’t know these characters, their emotions are clear, pulling the reader right into caring about them. I also appreciated that summary of your writing process, very close to mine, as I often have murky spots that become clearer as I did into the story. Have a great week, Emily, and thank you for hosting Weds’ WIPpets!

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    1. If I were answering this comment on my phone and not a desktop computer, I’d be giving you the heart-eyes emoji all over the place right now. I’m so glad these characters were able to pull you in on a first meeting! I’m glad you stuck through my whole post, too. 😀 😀 ❤


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