#WIPpet Wednesday – June 6, 2018

Hello and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP that somehow relates to the date.  To join in, simply click the blue linky up there to the right.

Look! Two Wednesday posts in a row! I’m actually writing this on Sunday to make sure it gets written. I’ve  been writing enough words this week that I don’t have to fish for something to share. That makes a nice change. I’ll try to keep this up at least through June, because uni goes back in July. Though it looks like I’ll just be doing the winter course, then having semester two off as well, as there aren’t any online courses being offered that are relevant to my study.

I’ve continued to explore my new WIP this week. The working title is Unchanging Tunes, but that was when I was going to part the lovers forever. I’ve decided I actually want them to have a happy ending, so it might change to something like Changing Their Tunes or something. I want to be something that can both tie into the main character’s musical gifts, but also have a double meaning about people changing.

I have actually written a first draft of the final scene of the book. I did this with A More Complicated Fairytale, too. It gives me some comfort knowing there is an ending to work towards.

Today my WIPpet maths is simple: six paragraphs for 6/6. Alex has just told Ria that his father has threatened to disinherit him if he marries her.

“He said… he said that if I married you, I’d be cut off. That he’d find someone else to take over the circus when he retires.”

“So he gave you a choice,” I prompted. He still wasn’t meeting my gaze. I already knew what choice he had made, but I wanted to him to say it to my face. He finally looked up at me.

“Ria, this circus is all I’ve ever known. I’ve been preparing to take it over since I was a boy. I don’t know how to do anything else. What sort of husband would I be if I haven’t anything to give you?”

“I don’t care what you have!” I took a breath and swallowed hard. When I spoke next, it was in a flat, measured tone. “If this is how it will be, then I suppose I’ll be leaving.” 

“What?” His eyes widened in surprise. I couldn’t help the bark of a laugh that escaped my throat.

“What, you think I’ll stick around and we’ll just carry on as we have these last few months? After you’ve just told me that your career is more important?”

According to everything the characters have told me so far, Alex’s father, Jeremiah, is quite a piece of work. I haven’t actually met him myself yet, so that will be interesting when he finally shows his face. Alex means well, but he does need a bit of a slap to the upside of the head to get some priorities in order.

How are you all doing?

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