Sunday Summary – June Goals

Five months down, and I’ve finally settled down to a point where I feel I can start setting goals and monitoring them throughout the month. As I mentioned in previous posts this week, Memories and Magic is having a bit of a rest, while I work on a new WIP, which has the working title, Unchanging Tunes. I haven’t planned the whole story yet, but I have started writing scenes as they come to me regardless. That’s how I roll.  The gaps will gradually fill themselves in.

My only real writing goal is to spend 30 minutes on Unchanging Tunes, at least five days of the week.

Within that, I need to not only write the scenes that come to me (along with others that I’ve already outlined), but I also need to brainstorm the non-romance aspect of the plot, as well as exactly how it will end. There’s a character death that’s possibly a murder, and I need to figure out who did it. Or maybe that person won’t die, but their entire business will just be burnt down. 😆

At the moment, I have that forward momentum and enthusiasm that comes with a new WIP, so I’m trying to make the most of it.

I also want to try to get back into tracking my reading and reviewing more regularly. I mention these goals here, even though I talk more about this aspect on my other blog. My goal here is to read 5 books and post 5 reviews throughout June. The reviews do not necessarily have to be for the books read. I have one review scheduled for tomorrow, which is for a book I read in May, but it will count as the first one.

I also want to improve my eating, as I haven’t been eating well at all lately. I had a couple of visits to a dietician earlier in the year, and because I have high blood pressure, she recommended a low sodium diet. I noticed a change in my blood pressure right away. It went from “Well, this is fine, but on the higher end of fine and we don’t want it getting any higher” to “that’s looking great, we want to it stay around there.” Lately, though, I’ve been eating a lot of takeaway and buying my lunch at work a lot, which means the salt content is higher than I would like.

My food goal is to stick to healthy foods during the week, and treat myself a little on the weekends.

I’ve also dusted my bike off, and got it checked out at the bike shop today, so there’s no reason for  me to not ride my bike to work every week day.

What is your June shaping up to look like?

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