Sunday Summary – May 27, 2018

Here we are on the last weekend in May. This month ended up being much busier than I expected, so real life commitments ended up taking over a lot of writing time. On top of busy evenings, I started a newer, higher, busier position at work, which caused me a fair bit of stress at the beginning, though I’ve settled in to it a bit more now.

I also spent a lot of the month wallowing in self-doubt over my writing, or over-thinking my plots to the point where I couldn’t write. I was getting intimidated by books I read that were well above the standard I feel I can write myself. I go through these stages a lot, and eventually I always pull myself out of them just by forcing some words out. In this case, it took taking a new WIP with a different voice and style to the things I usually write, but I have finally managed it in the last few days. I’m going to talk about that in a Monday Musings post tomorrow, because in starting that project, I had a few realisations about my writing process which deserve their own post.

At the moment, my writing spreadsheet says I achieved about 4 hours of writing, which is better than nothing, and I will get a couple hours more down before the end of the month. Any writing done is better than none at all, of course.

I’m hoping to go back to goal-setting in June the way I have done in the past. Perhaps more regular check-ins will also happen. It all remains to be se

How have you been going? Did you make any particular progress over the last month?

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