Sunday Summary – April 30, 2018

Yes, I know it’s Monday. I wanted to do some kind of end-of-month reflection/new-month goals post, and then I was reminded that Sunday Summary was a thing on this blog (not even kidding, I had totally forgotten, and the last one wasn’t even that long ago). So here we are.

In April, I didn’t get a whole lot of words down. Things I did instead:

  • trekked in Nepal for six tiring, challenging but rewarding days.
  • had my parents visiting for five days
  • prepared for an audition
  • started a new position at work

The time away from my writing helped me to recognise a fairly large hole in my plotting. I’m relieved that I only had about 6.5k written so far, because I’ve got to make a fairly major change and that’s enough to be re-writing. I also took lots of random snapshots of Kathmandu, because I realised it was the type of city that I have been trying to describe. I’m hoping the reference shots will help.

While I’ve been home for two weeks, it’s taken that long to find my routines again. I’m still working on it a bit. For now, my main writing goal is to write for half an hour every weeknight.

On top of that, I need to do at least the same in betaing my friend’s manuscript. It’s really good. I accidentally read 65 pages without making any notes becauseI was os involved.

In terms of non-writing goals, I need to get back to exercising five days a week, as well as eating better. I let myself go in the health regard once I got back from Nepal, and I need to get on top of that before I lose all that additional fitness I built up in the lead-up.

This is rather a perfunctory post, but I am trying to get it done before 9:30pm (which is now, and also when I try to get myself off the computer and prepared for bed).

How have you been going? What are your goals for the coming month?

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