Sundary Summary – October 15, 2017

This week was one of those where I had something on every night. I also said that last week. I don’t know how I keep ending up with so much stuff on my plate. It’s a bad time for it.

  • Write 2 hours a week.
    • Sub-goal: write 2 short stories.

I managed an hour again this week, even with being out every night. I did a decent amount of writing at the airport and on the flight home from Sydney last Monday after a course. But after that, I just didn’t have the time nor the inclination, and honestly, I think that might remain the case a bit over the rest of the month. I guess an hour a week is better than nothing? I don’t think I’m going to meet my sub-goal, though, unfortunatley, though I do have 1500 words or so of my twisted Cinderella story written.

  • Read and review 5 books

I am smashing this one! While some of the things I’ve read in the last week or so have been quite short, I am adopting the policy that if it has its own page on GoodReads, it counts as a book. Which means I have read five and reviewed three, with two more reviews scheduled. So this goal is pretty much complete already! Yay!

  • Colour 29 colouring pages (the 26 for October plus 3 remaining from September)

I’ve completed 13 so far, so I do need to have a few days where I try to do two to keep up.

  • Exercise 28/31 days

I’ve exercised 11/14 days (today counts as part of next week’s total).

  • Spend Saturday afternoons working on 2 x 3000 word essays due early November

I went to a friend’s wedding yesterday (he’s still a baby, I can’t deal with him being married!) so the work I got done in the afternoon was limited. But I’ve finished this weeks readings and written most of a response, and I will  spend this afternoon/evening reading the journal articles I have downloaded for my essay. Time is getting away from me, and I am a bit behind where I would like to be, but I’ll figure something out!

So that’s me for this week. How are you going?

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