Sundary Summary – October 08, 2017

This week was one of those where I had something on nearly every night. And when I didn’t, I was trying to do class readings. And this week is looking much the same. I am actually travelling for work for the first time tomorrow, which will at least give me a good amount of reading time, and maybe writing, but everything else?! Who knows. Anyway, here is how I did this week:

  • Write 2 hours a week.
    • Sub-goal: write 2 short stories.

I only did an hour of writing work this week, and that includes fifteen or twenty minutes of brainstorming in the car with my partner. Part of my issue is while I had a strong start to my new short story WIP, I didn’t actually know where to go with it. But I have a better idea now, so hopefully this week will be better on the writing front.

  • Read and review 5 books

I have actually only finished one book so far this month, but I have scheduled my third review for tomorrow. And I should finish a second book/fourth review by the end of this coming week. So I’m reasonably on  track with this one.

  • Colour 29 colouring pages (the 26 for October plus 3 remaining from September)

Six this week. Perhaps a little bit behind. With all my evenings taken up this coming week, I will need to make sure that one of my breaks each day at work is devoted to this.

  • Exercise 28/31 days

Only a week into the month and I have already had two days off. Eek! In my defense, I had hurt my back. I’ve started back on the Blogilates work-out calendars,  which means I don’t have to think about how to exercise each day, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it.

  • Spend Saturday afternoons working on 2 x 3000 word essays due early November

This weekend, I ended up working on class readings and getting my weekly forum contributions written. But I am hoping to get some essay stuff done on Tuesday morning before work, as I am on the late shift and only need to go in around lunchtime. If I could just ignore the readings for the rest of the semester and focus solely on the essays, I would be happy and would feel I didn’t have too much to worry about in this last stretch. But having to contribute to the weekly discussions in both courses makes it really hard, particularly when I’ve got other engagements.

So that’s me for this week. How are you going?

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