Sundary Summary – October goals

Here we are at October. As I mentioned last week, I actually found not setting goals was detrimental to my progress. Even if I don’t achieve my goals, I need something to work towards. This is my last month of having uni work due, then I’m on leave until next July. So this month, the goals are small (some of them). Here they are:

  • Write 2 hours a week.
    • Sub-goal: write 2 short stories.
  • Read and review 5 books
  • Colour 29 colouring pages (the 26 for October plus 3 remaining from September)
  • Exercise 28/31 days
  • Spend Saturday afternoons working on 2 x 3000 word essays due early November

I actually have the week of October 30 off work to get those two essays completed, but I do want to be at a point where I can just smash out the words, rather than having to do all the preliminary work during that week, too.

I attended Conflux 13 this weekend (more on that on a future Monday Musings post) and it’s made me really appreciate the value of having more than one short story ready to shop around. I know I talked about Short Story Saturday being my practice run for getting short stories ready for submitting, but I have a couple of ideas I want to take seriously, so I’m going to work on those over the next few weeks (and not post them, obviously).

So that’s me for this month. What are your goals going forward?

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