Sunday Summary #04 – September wrap-up

While there’s still the best part of a week left of September, this is the last Sunday of the month, so I figured I would do a bit of reflection. My last Sunday Summary post was actually my September Outlook post, so that sort of works out nicely, I guess.

My big thing this month was to try not setting any goals, and just track what progress I did make and see what I could achieve in a month. The results of this were mixed. Sometimes I forgot to track things, but I also spent most of this month being either broke or sick, which didn’t help, as I just felt kind of crap either way. My conclusion is the same, though: that regardless of whether or not I reach them, setting goals is really helpful for me and so in October, I’m going to go back to that.

I only managed about 3 hours of writing this month, which is better than nothing, but really not great. There was simply no joy in writing this month.In fact, there wasn’t much joy in anything due to the way I was feeling. I’ve had a clingy virus for nearly two weeks now and I’m still getting better but I’m hoping that soon I’ll be properly on the mend.

It’s possible that October might still be difficult, as I have two 3000-word essays due on November 2 and 4, and I have to do all the readings and participate in forum discussions online each week for uni. After that, though, I have a short holiday planned, and then I won’t have any uni obligations until July of next year. So if nothing else, I can just count down the days until then.

This post is very short, but there’s not really much left to say, so I’ll  leave it here. See you next week for some October goals!

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