#WIPpet Wednesday – June 21, 2017

Hello and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop wherein writers share an excerpt from their current WIP that somehow relates to the date.  To join in, simply click the blue linky up there to the right.


I’m currently revising the first draft of Memories and Magic, so I’ll share a WIPpet from the section I’m editing at the time. This excerpt is from Chapter 5. One of the older Aligarian Mages has suggested that there’s a form of magic they could use to protect the princess, but it would involve using blood magic, which they are generally against. Atfer a few disagreements from the others, he states his case. My WIPpet math was 2+1+6 = 9 lines from the document.

“In the days before the users of Rune Magic split off into the various orders, there was a spell used to alter the subject’s mind. It would give them an entirely new set of memories so that they could start life anew, in a new location. Often, this spell was used for the subject’s protection. Were we to use it on Princess Clara, her memories could all be restored at a later time with the correct trigger words, so we would not have to worry about her losing her memories of Thelidon entirely. If we ensured utmost secrecy, even if Bauer’s men were able to find the princess, they would have no way of restoring or memories or proving it was her.”

This is newly revised. In the first draft, the magic that sent Clara away and altered her magic was one and the same, and it sent her to modern-day Australia. But then I decided this modern aspect of the novel was at odds with the rest, which was more traditional fantasy. It just didn’t fit. So now I’m reworking the magic they use, as well as the country they end up hiding in. I’m really enjoying the revision process with this one, even if there is a huge amount of work to do!

That’s all from me now. I will head off and catch you on your own WIPpets soon enough!





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14 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – June 21, 2017

  1. I love this snippet – and your new blog! Must be in the air; I’ve moved back from website to blog with my WIPpets, too!
    I was intrigued by the modern-day retelling – but I think I might just like this version more!

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    1. I loved my modern-day retelling as well, but this is going to be awesome. I will have to find another way to have fantasy characters experiencing Christmas in Australia. 😉

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  2. Great snippet explaining what they’re planning to do.

    I completely understand how daunting revision can be but also how rewarding, especially when it’s enjoyable.

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  3. That’s scary magic – rewriting someone’s memories – although I can see it could have great positive potential too.

    Good luck with the revisions. It sounds like it’s all fallen into place in your head. 🙂


    1. Definitely There’s a reason the Aligarian Mages don’t use it anymore, though some of the other Orders are less scrupulous…


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