#FictMAYhem #StoryADay #WIPpet Wednesday – May 17, 2017

Hello everyone! It’s WIPpet Wednesday again. This is a weekly blog hop hosted by yours truly. If you’re a writer, you are very welcome to join us by posting an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date. You can click the blue guy on the right of this blog to be taken to the link up.

I’m continuing with the Story A Day In May challenge, so once again, my snippet relates to the date because I wrote it today. 😛 All the stories I write this month have been brainstorms for the Memories and Magic sequel, Rulers and Rebellions.

Today’s prompt is: Motivate.

“You want me to what?

This conversation was not going the way Rikard had planned, though he supposed he couldn’t fault the Theldonian Queen for her resistance.

“The Magic Guard has always fought the magician rebels with guns or swords. Up until now, that has worked. Previously, there have only been two or three of them to deal with at a time. But over the years, the Guards’ numbers have grown smaller as the threat seemed to grow smaller. Now their numbers are too great for us.”

Rikard paused as Queen Clara crossed her arms over her chest. He wasn’t getting through to her, but he had to press on.

“You’re a magician yourself. That’s why we were hoping that you would go. That you could make them see reason.”

“Are you lumping me in with them? Do you understand there’s more than one form of magic? I object to what they do as much as you do. They are dangerous criminals. I use my magic to protect people. Do you really think they’ll listen to me?”

Rikard had no idea whether the rebels would listen to her or not, but they were running out of options. He squared his jaw and changed tack.

“Put it this way, your Majesty,” he said, and watched her brow furrow as she heard the sarcasm he used on her title. He felt a little guilty; he wouldn’t pretend he hadn’t been scornful when they had first met, but that had dropped off the more they had started to know each other. Still, desperate times…

He crossed his own arms to match her body language. “If you do this for us, I can guarantee the negotiations regarding how we deal with your illegal stay in our country will be a lot smoother.”

The flash of anger and hurt in her eyes made him regret his words instantly. He avoided her gaze, but stood his ground. There was no point in getting sentimental about the Queen of another country when his own was in danger.

With that, I must be off to do some uni work, but I will see you all later!

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