#FictMAYhem #StoryADay #WIPpet Wednesday – May 03, 2017

Welcome to my first WIPpet Wednesday in the new digs. You can see more about this on the About page, but basically I felt that any focus on my writing was getting swamped by book reviews and other talk of other people’s writing over on A Keyboard and an Open Mind. So I decided to separate reading from writing. At the moment, I’m doing the Story a Day in May challenge, but in regular times, my plan is to post WIPpet Wednesday posts on, er, Wednesdays, then another writing-focused post on Sundays.

For anyone who may have stumbled across this post completely by accident, this is a weekly blog hop hosted by yours truly. If you’re a writer, you are very welcome to join us by posting an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date. You can click the blue guy on the right of this blog to be taken to the link up.

This month, I’m using the Story a Day Challenge, along with Faith Rivens’ Fictional MAYhem prompts, to coax out some semblance of plot and some new characters for a potential Memories and Magic sequel. The vaguest of concepts came to me a little while ago, so I’m teasing it out. Please bear with me and the flash fiction/first draft-y nature of this excerpt. It relates to the day because… I wrote it today. Quick context thing: the country where Clara spent her exile with Max and Jana doesn’t allow magic. That’s one of the reasons they chose it, so that it would be the last place anyone would look. Except a while later, that government found out they were there, and they weren’t happy. That’s… kind of the extent of the plot I have at the moment, apart from the scene I plan to write on Day 6, when the prompt is “magic”.

On that note, today’s prompt is Mercy.

Clara tilted her head at him. “Of course, in the wrong hands, magic can be dangerous,” she said. “But the Aligarian Mages saved my life on more than one occasion, thanks to their magic. I’ve made a vow to my people to protect them. My power is bound to that.”

“And you want me to believe you’ve never had a moment where you used it selfishly? For your own gain?”

“I stood in front of the man who murdered my parents on more than one occasion. I wanted to do all sorts of things to him. And yet, he remains in a prison cell awaiting trial.”

Rikard scoffed. “Well, not every magician is as strong-willed as you.”

Clara took a deep breath and stared down at the table for a moment. When she looked up, her expression was tender, almost pitying. Rikard could barely stand to look back at her. When she spoke, her voice was soft.

“I don’t know what happened to you to make you feel the way you do,” she said. “I know that in your eyes, I’ve wronged you. That I’ve wronged a lot of people, simply by having been here. But I do hope that one day you can forgive me.”

I don’t really know what happened to Rikard either, since I only invented him on Monday and he was barely mentioned in yesterday’s story. But apparently he has some kind of ~past~. Feel free to check out the last couple of days’ posts as well. They’re a lot longer than this one, and have a bit more plot. I’ll see you here next week!

~ Emily


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15 thoughts on “#FictMAYhem #StoryADay #WIPpet Wednesday – May 03, 2017

  1. Nice new digs. 😉
    “I don’t really know what happened to Rikard either, since I only invented him on Monday” Ha! I love it when that happens. Soooo many possibilities. Where will it all lead?


  2. “I don’t really know what happened to Rikard either, since I only invented him on Monday.” Ha! I’ve definitely been there. Sometimes it takes the entire book before we really know.


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